Amani Nature Reserve

The Amani Nature Reserve was created to protect the unique, biologically important submontane forest ecosystem of the East Usambara Mountains in Amani, Tanzania. The East Usambara Mountains form part of a chain of isolated mountains stretched in an arc around north-eastern Tanzania. The East Usambara covers an area of about 1300 km², (130,000 ha).
Key Activities and Innovations: The goal of the reserve is to maintain biodiversity, natural processes, and the local culture of the area by leaving it undisturbed. The high dependency of local people on the natural resources found in the area was the main obstacle to this goal.

Amani Nature Reserve.

Amani Nature Reserve is a centre for biological diversity. The floristic composition is very diverse and there are 2012 vascular plants species per Ha. Thus a large proposition of the endemic species are found within Amani Natural Reserve.

Amani Botanical Gardens.

Within Amani Nature Reserve there rare animals, birds and butterflies which are very rare in other parts of the world. There are also rare types of chameleon, lizards, snakes and amphibians. Therefore Amani Nature Reserve is a place worth visiting for those who want to witness for themselves endemic species within their natural habitants.

Activities in Amani Nature Reserve :
The Nature Reserve has now been turned into an Eco tourism attraction with greater emphasis on birdwatching, nature watching , walking and hiking.


Ecotourism in Amani Nature Reserve presently has known widely both national and international wise. We do have many facilities enough to our visitors to enjoy the natural beauty and many things while staying in amani nature reserve. read more

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